Accessories and Decor

Pillows, Mirrors, Vases, Clocks, Art, and More

The perfect way to add a personalized touche to your interior designs is to adorn your space with stylish accessories. Our collection of essential decor includes patterned pillows, pet beds, wooden magazine racks, and more. We also have gaming tables, like foosball and shuffleboard, for your den or basement room. You’ll find everything you need to elevate your space and transform it into a cozy, comfortable home with lots of personal details and functionality. Discover planters in a range of sizes that are the perfect way to add plants, flowers, and greenery to your home. Or choose a box planter and start growing seasonal vegetables in your garden this year. Our planters include stone and ceramic designs with gold, matte black, and metallic finishes. Our accessories include sophisticated decor that are sure to start conversations.


You’ll find mid-century clocks from George Nelson, including designs with real wood construction, as well as cow-skin and patterned animal rugs. Put a sheepskin throw on the floor of your room or drape it over your favorite chair or sofa. We also have seat cushions and over-sized pillows to make your place even more comfortable. Add photos or art to your walls with our collection of paintings, sculpture, and prints. Choose from portraits of classic movie stars like James Dean and Marilyn Monroe, abstract works that use bold primary colors, and remote landscapes compositions that depict the desert and the far north. We also have creative sculptures that repurpose manufactured materials like paint cans, bicycle and machine parts, and metal sheets with attractive patinas."