Wall Clocks and Timepieces

Modern and Traditional Decor, Including Iconic Designs

The clock is a classic accessory that can add the perfect touch to any room. Our collection of designer clocks includes traditional models, wall pieces made from plastic or acrylic for a contemporary looks, and designs that capture the look and feel of mid-century favorites. Stay on time with a designer timepiece and an essential piece of decor to your home. Choose a clock with large Arabic numerals for a classic look. Find a piece made from metal with a chrome finish, as well as designs with wood frames and large hands.


We also have clocks with second hands and other features, such as a barometer that measures atmospheric pressure. Many of our timepieces run on batteries and keep consistent time with quartz movement. We have lots of clocks with traditional looks, including designs with large faces and easy-to-read Roman numerals. These include wall units as well as grandfather and grandmother clocks that will add sophistication to your interior. Or find an eccentric piece like a cuckoo clock or an animal design. Get a taste 20th century style with clocks from George Nelson. These famous designer pieces often feature colorful frames made from wood and brass. With these designs, you can add an effortlessly cool iconic decor piece to your space and stay on time for your appointments.

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