Modern Outdoor Planters

Designs for both Outdoor Spaces and Interiors

Our collection of designer planters has everything you need to deck out your home, backyard, patio, or commercial space. Add thriving plants and flowers to any interior and enjoy the resulting warmth and flowing energy. Choose from sleek designs with chrome finishes and sumptuous sculpted pieces made from ceramic. You’ll discover traditional forms, like box planters and pieces with tall barrel shapes, as well as contemporary designs such as tapered cones and trapezoidal pieces. We also have unique planters that feature textured surfaces and captivating silhouettes.

We have planters in a range of colors, including copper, gold, and pewter. A natural sandstone finish pairs well with the natural variatons of organic life. Top quality glazes transform planters into beautiful objects of art. Terrazzo and concrete planters are durable and easy to maintain. Each material possesses a signature surface quality that is both attractive and pairs well with plants. Choose a planter with a wooden stand that allows for easy drainage. These pieces come in a variety of heights and finishes. You’ll also find designs that can be attached directly to the wall, available in a variety of finishes including brass and an antiqued rust color. Large earthen pots are a great choice for eclectic spaces with lots of different decor. We also have sets of planters that make it easy to fill your interior with greenery.

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