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Modern Designs for Patios, Gardens, and Businesses

Find an outdoor dining table in this large collection of designer furniture. Find a table that fits your space and matches your style. We have designs that are perfect for enjoying a meal with your friends and family in your backyard. We also have designs that will fit a commercial patio space, including bistro tables and counter tops. Choose from traditional wood tables with natural finishes and designs made from stone that are easy to clean.

  1. Kaplan Outdoor Dining Table In 97" In Auburn by FOUR HANDS

    Kaplan Outdoor Dining Table In 97" In Auburn

    Special Price $974.35 Regular Price $1,499

All these tables are durable and made to withstand extreme weather. Concrete is an ideal material for use outdoors, and not only because of its ability to stand up to wear and tear. Its surface texture naturally pairs well with organic forms. Concrete has a neutral quality that can enhance masculine energy just as well as it compliments feminine designs. Concrete is the perfect material for achieving a zen or meditative space. Our concrete tables for patios and gardens are minimalist, and are made from large geometric shapes. Find a table that will work in a space of any size. We have longer tables that pair well with benches for large events like family reunions. We also have tables with circular surfaces perfect for snacks and drinks as you spend a day or evening outside.

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