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Accessories for the Modern Home

Vases, Figurines, Sculpture, Lanterns, and More

Personalize your home with this collection of decor that makes it easy to add thoughtful and stylish touches to any space. Discover sculpture like glass shells, ceramic vessels with floral motifs, and stone bookends. Choose from elegant pieces made with materials like marble and mother of pearl, as well as designs featuring luxurious finishes, including gold and antique brass. Add a bit of whimsy to your space with a wicker lantern, and choose between both black and a natural finishes. You’ll also find petrified wood plates and trays, as well as functional decor like magazine racks and umbrella stands. Vases are a perfect compliment to any space, including urban lofts, coastal homes, and vacation getaways.


Discover traditional vases as well as minimalist designs with painted finishes. We also have singular pieces, such as hourglasses full of colored sand. We have a range of statues and sculpture, ranging from abstract designs to organic forms like deer and other animals. Choose between pieces made from metal or from natural fibers. We also have a huge collection of smaller figurines that make it simple to weave your personal style into your home. Find everything you need with our huge range of decor. Candle holders include candelabras as well as tea light holders. We also have smaller votives, as well as hurricane glasses. Carafes, jars, and bottles can double as vases or can be used in the kitchen and dining room. You’ll also find stemware and unique items for table settings.