Delivery Policy

We want to provide you with a great shopping experience and insure your new furniture is delivered successfully. Here is a small list of important things to consider before you make your purchase, please prepare your home prior to the delivery of your new furniture, if you need any help with product information or box dimensions please contact our customer service department at 212-777-7716.

Before Your Delivery

Day Of Delivery

During Delivery

· Check with your building to insure that delivery is allowed for the time you have scheduled it for. (Most Freight Entrances are closed past 5pm) 

· Did you book your freight elevator for the delivery time frame? 

· Does your building management require a certificate of insurance for delivery? - If yes please contact us at 212-777-7716 to have a certificate issued to your building management. It may take up-to two days to complete so plan the delivery scheduling accordingly. 

· Be prepared to accept delivery from the very beginning to the very end of the estimated time frame assigned. You can always call us the day of delivery to get a better idea what time the delivery team will be at your home. 

· Will the items you’re interested in purchasing fit through your doors, hallway, elevator, stairway, etc.? In most cases furniture pieces come knocked down, so getting it through should not be an issue, but if you are not sure please call us to get product & box measurements. 

· Remove necessary entry and interior doors for items such as large upholstery, case goods and King size mattresses (If unsure, check with store for measurements).

· Remove existing furniture/electronics from the room to make space for your new furniture. 

· Protect your flooring by laying down old sheets or plastic where the delivery people will be walking. Exception would be stairs. Due to safety, drivers usually cannot remove their boots. 

· Remove knickknacks, wall pictures or valuables from the delivery path in your home. 

· Winter Deliveries — Please have your walkway and driveway cleared of ice and snow. 

· Remove any necessary entry and/or interior doors for items such as large upholstery, case goods and King Size mattresses (If unsure, check with store for measurements). 

· Make preparations to secure delivery area from children and pets.

· Please inspect your furniture thoroughly and report any damage to our delivery team so we can resolve the issue promptly 

· If you are receiving a delivery via a freight shipment please inspect and note all boxes recived to insure the box count matches with what's on the bill of lading. 

· If there are any visual damages to the packaging, please inspect thoroughly to see if the actual item is damaged. In the event of any damages please note clearly on the drivers invoice "PRODUCT DAMAGED" - This simply insures that if there is any damage, it will be easy to take care of the problem.

Questions regarding your delivery? Please call us at 212-777-7716